When it comes to being ready for retirement – what does it take to “be ready”? To help answer that question, the Voya Retire Ready Index™ study measures the retirement readiness of Americans. This study reveals that Americans are generally behind in their readiness, and that planning represents the area with the most opportunity for improvement.

infographic of highest scorersComparing the responses of Workers who scored highest on the Voya Retire Ready Index1 vs. those who scored lowest reveals the benefits that greater planning can have on retirement readiness.

  • 75% or more of the highest-scoring Workers took important planning steps such as having a strategy for their investments or calculating their retirement income replacement ratio.
  • Fewer than one in ten lowest-scoring Workers took similar steps.

Planning starts with you

Good financial planning starts with a conversation about your needs, wants and wishes. It’ll include questions like: What’s most important in your life? What makes you happy? Why is money important to you? What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Sure, they’re a little personal – but the more we know about what motivates you, the better we can work towards your future financial goals. 

A more complete picture of your future 

Saving in your employer retirement plan may be great – but what about your other savings and assets? Voya can help you put together a more complete financial picture to help you plan for the years ahead. Our planning process can help you get organized and make informed decisions – including what you want to be ready for and when. We’ll help you set goals, optimize resources, manage risks and find your own personal “confidence zone.”

Information to help you be ready – and take action

We know planning takes time and patience. Voya offers a full set of tools and services to help you get started and make progress in creating a personal financial road map to help you reach your goals and meet your needs.

Online articles and webinars can teach you essential financial planning concepts, so you understand what steps to take next.

Advice and guidance from one of our Voya financial advisors can guide you through our planning process to help you build your personal financial plan. We offer a full range of financial planning advice and guidance services. Here are examples of two different financial plans that our advisors can help you with. (Fees may apply for full financial plans – but your Voya financial advisor will review and ask your approval on any fees before providing you with a plan.)

Retirement Snapshot Plan 

Think of this as a quick check-up on your current retirement savings. It’ll answer basic questions like - are your retirement savings on track, and how much monthly income will your savings generate in retirement? Your plan may include:

  • A retirement savings evaluation and net worth statement
  • Two major savings goals, such as college education or buying a home.
  • A personalized action plan with easy-to-follow steps to improve your retirement readiness

Full Financial Plan 

As the name suggests, this is an in-depth analysis of your full financial situation. A plan like this may include:

  • A retirement income analysis and health care estimates
  • Social security optimization strategies and pension analysis
  • Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies and life insurance considerations
  • Charitable giving, estate planning and beneficiary designation structuring
  • Net worth statement
  • A personalized action plan with strategies to work toward achieving retirement readiness and other financial goals

Knowledge and support – when and where you need it

As one of America’s leading retirement companies with over 35 years of experience, and a network of more than 2,400 financial professionals across the country, we offer a unique combination of knowledge, experience and commitment to help you put your financial plans into place – and guide you to and through retirement.

  • Our financial advisors are experienced, industry licensed and accredited - and are available online, by phone or in person
  • Our financial advisors have knowledge of financial solutions both in as well as outside of your workplace retirement plan – and can help you put your financial plans into place.

Ready to talk?

If you’re ready to embark on the road to your financial future, call a Voya financial advisor today. 

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